Artisan Wins a Micro-Learning Award

Training Magazine recently held their annual Online Learning conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. As part of the conference, Artisan was honored during the Learning Design Challenge for a micro-learning project resulting from a partnership with Pryor Learning Solutions. The project consists of a series of “skill builders” as Pryor refers to them, that provide small chunks of learning combined with practice and application. The micro-learning takes on a variety of formats including learning games, branching scenarios, interactive infographics, and more.

Artisan leadership and our client with LDC award

These skill builders not only won a bronze medal in the category of micro-learning, but received lots of positive feedback from Pryor’s clients. To learn more about this creative approach to micro-learning and how it was received, be sure to watch the following video.

Now that the Online Learning Conference is over, we’ll shift our focus to eLearningGuild’s DevLearn. At this year’s event, Diane Elkins and Tanya Seidel will continue spreading the micro-learning gospel with their pre-conference workshop Make a Microlesson in a Day. Further, Tanya will speak about How Changing Section 508 Laws Can Impact Your Design and they’ll top it all off by demonstrating even more fun and engaging micro-learning content at DemoFest.

What are you doing October 23-27?

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