Corporate E-Learning: Why Custom Online Training Is Key

Explore this comprehensive guide to corporate e-learning.

It was a hot day in the middle of a hot Texas summer. I’d decided to complete my foreign language credit in summer school and was sitting in the testing center at the local community college. It was finals day. The way it worked here was that all foreign language students met together in a…

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Microlearning: A Comprehensive Guide & Tips for Your Courses

Explore our comprehensive guide to microlearning.

Are you interested in custom microlearning development? CONTACT ARTISAN E-LEARNING TODAY It’s late on a Friday when your boss drops the latest big idea. “We need microlearning! We’re already behind the curve.” It’s been a long week. Your guard is down and you bite. “Why?” you ask. And the hype begins. Your boss has been…

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E-Learning Content Development Companies & Strategy Partners

Explore these e-learning content development companies and service providers.

Are you interested in custom e-learning development? CONTACT ARTISAN E-LEARNING TODAY At Artisan E-Learning, we love when potential clients contact us looking for custom e-learning development services. Our mantra is that “We develop your perfect solution,” and we stand by that! As you’ll soon see, that mantra only works if you’re looking for custom e-learning…

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Test Your Security Skills

Image of Test Your Security App

Based on the award-winning grammar course, this alternative provides a quick and easy format to teach important information, works well with mobile devices, and incorporates gamification in…

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Artisan Medical Demo

BPH Interface Image

A medical device manufacturer had an outdated program to train its sales representatives on a product to treat BPH, enlarged prostate. The program needed content updates, but the…

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A Video-Based Immersive E-Learning Course – A Perfect Client Solution

Giving Learners What They Need so You Get the Business Results You Want At Artisan E-Learning, we pride ourselves in being able to create YOUR perfect e-learning solution, and that solution is different client-by-client and even project-by-project. From microlearning to gamification and even video-based simulations, our goal is to give learners what they need so…

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