How Custom Sales Training Programs Improve Your Bottom Line

Will custom sales training improve your bottom line?

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Product or service, high price point or low, sales fuel an organization. The best-tuned sports car in the world stands still without an ongoing supply of fuel. While some basic sales skills are universal and accessible via general sales training programs, the most successful organizations and their high-performing…

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Corporate E-Learning: Why Custom Online Training Is Key

Explore this comprehensive guide to corporate e-learning.

It was a hot day in the middle of a hot Texas summer. I’d decided to complete my foreign language credit in summer school and was sitting in the testing center at the local community college. It was finals day. The way it worked here was that all foreign language students met together in a…

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5 Benefits of Custom Compliance Training for Your Employees

Explore this comprehensive guide to custom compliance training.

Zara is a busy HR rep who has been asked by her boss to do a much-needed overall on the company’s compliance training. Now, in addition to her day-to-day activities, she’s reviewing current content on topics like workplace safety, anti-harassment, and cybersecurity. She’s overwhelmed with how to present this training to employees. Zara has to…

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Healthcare E-Learning: Best Practices and Ideas for 2020

Explore our comprehensive guide to healthcare e-learning.

Dr. Ruth Heaton is a general practitioner who, after years of being on her own, recently affiliated with a large hospital system in the area. She’s happiest when she’s seeing patients, but she finds she’s spending more time than ever sitting through required compliance training that takes her out of her office for half or…

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Microlearning: A Comprehensive Guide & Tips for Your Courses

Explore our comprehensive guide to microlearning.

Are you interested in custom microlearning development? CONTACT ARTISAN E-LEARNING TODAY It’s late on a Friday when your boss drops the latest big idea. “We need microlearning! We’re already behind the curve.” It’s been a long week. Your guard is down and you bite. “Why?” you ask. And the hype begins. Your boss has been…

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E-Learning Content Development Companies & Strategy Partners

Explore these e-learning content development companies and service providers.

Are you interested in custom e-learning development? CONTACT ARTISAN E-LEARNING TODAY At Artisan E-Learning, we love when potential clients contact us looking for custom e-learning development services. Our mantra is that “We develop your perfect solution,” and we stand by that! As you’ll soon see, that mantra only works if you’re looking for custom e-learning…

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Adobe Flash End of Life: Are Your E-Learning Courses Ready?

December 2020…the end of Flash. If you still have Flash-based e-learning courses, this is your last chance to update them before they become unusable. Your approach to conversion will vary based on what you used to create the course initially and whether or not you still have the original course files. Use this interactive flowchart…

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