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Our Portfolio / Artisan Medical Demo

A medical device manufacturer had an outdated program to train its sales representatives on a product to treat BPH, enlarged prostate. The program needed content updates, but the training team also wanted to enhance the learning experience. The existing program relied heavily on text-based PowerPoint slides narrated by the subject-matter experts. And there were many places where the content was either too fundamental or too advanced for the target audience. To help convince stakeholders to free up the resources for a full redesign, they partnered with Artisan for a set of sample content approaches. We showcased these approaches at DevLearn's 2019 DemoFest and earned an award for Best Academic Solution.

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About Amy Morrisey

Amy Morrisey, president of Artisan E-Learning, has spent her career in learning and development. Before working with Artisan, Amy spent 17 years in corporate training and development as a classroom trainer and executive coach teaching sales training and coaching international teams to deliver persuasive business case presentations. During her tenure with Artisan, Amy has helped Artisan define its culture, drive business goals with real data, and realize operational efficiencies to double production capacity. While the day-to-day operation of the company takes most of her time, her passion for giving learners solid training with actionable results means that she's usually elbow-deep in a project or two as well.