Case Study: Technical Training at JLG Industries

JLG Industries is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment like boom lifts and scissors lifts. Its products and people can be found all over the world.  JLG Industries prides itself on earning customer confidence and its commitment to understanding customer challenges. In order to ensure that it can provide this level of service and live up to its commitments, JLG knows that training is critical.

JLG turned to Artisan E-Learning to help in its efforts to provide top-notch learning experiences for its global and multi-lingual workforce. Artisan designed courses to help JLG employees to learn how to operate and troubleshoot products and equipment as well as courses that introduced fundamental concepts pertinent to the manufacturing industry.

The course design incorporates Storyline features like synchronized animation, motions paths, sliders, and drag and drop which all help learners to truly work with the content. The designs also considered the fact that many JLG employees, especially operators and sales people, are using iPads to learn on the go or while in the field. Finally, JLG’s global customer and employee based required the courses to be translated into eight languages including Japanese and Korean.

See an example of the final results here and learn how you can work with Artisan to accomplish similar goals.

 An example screen from JLG's e-learning course.

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