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What is custom e-learning development?

We think of e-learning as an interactive forum where learners explore a topic, practice skills, expand knowledge, change mindsets, and focus on what they need to do to be better at whatever topic is being taught. E-learning is much more than a handful of text-filled, informational slides shared online.

At Artisan E-Learning, we believe that e-learning, when done well, leads to higher-performing individuals.

After completing an Artisan course, your learners will be able to do something better—delegate tasks, operate machinery, string together a sentence, administer healthcare, navigate a tricky customer interaction, the list goes on. We work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders and subject matter experts to create courses that meet your, and your learners’, needs.

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Custom E-Learning Development Services

We develop courses for nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, and associations. We can help you:

  • Create microlearning courses. Do you find your learners prefer quick, step-by-step YouTube tutorials? If your learners want bite-sized, hyper-focused content, we’ll design meaningful microlearning courses for you.
  • Create long-form, multi-module courses. Not everything can be taught in 10 minutes or less. Whether you’re teaching complex material that takes time to master or your learners are earning a certification, we can work with your subject matter experts to create an educational and engaging course.
  • Maintain your legacy content. Even the best e-learning needs to be updated every now and then. If you have legacy content that needs a graphic design update, you need to change just a portion of the content, or you’re still dealing with Flash content, we can help. Provide us the source files and changes needed and your course will be as good as new.

Our Team of Experts

At Artisan we think you deserve an expert every step of the way. Our production team is made up of experts in writing and instructional design, online development, quality assurance, and project management. When you work with us, we build a team to meet your needs. We believe that when each step in the process is led by an expert, your product is better. It has had many sets of eyes on it and the brainpower of a team. 

Our team of experts play a major role in Artisan's custom e-learning development services.

Our clients regularly come back and ask us to build more courses for them. While they love our product, they may just love our team even more! 

Learn more about our team here.

Our Custom E-Learning Development Process

When we begin a new custom development project, we use a proven process:

Step 1:

We begin with an in-depth review of your existing content and collaborative conversations with key stakeholders and subject-matter experts.

Step 2:

We create a course prototype to give you a general idea of the course's design and technical functionality.

Step 3:

Alongside prototype development,  we write your storyboard—a detailed screen-by-screen blueprint of the course. Your stakeholders can review and request changes.

Step 4:

Once you approve the prototype and storyboards, we develop an online draft where you can see your course come to life. Again, your stakeholders can review and request changes.

Step 5:

Our team of trained testers reviews the course to catch any last-minute grammar issues and conducts user-experience testing across different browsers to ensure a positive experience for all learners.

Step 6:

We deliver the published course files on the platform of your choice. We also deliver all source files, so you can update the course independently going forward.

By following this process, we’re confident we’ve delivered your perfect solution. Explore our process further in this video.

This graphic depicts our custom e-learning development process.

Benefits of Custom E-Learning

When e-learning first emerged, course design was straightforward—text-filled slides, a few images, and often, a speaker guiding the learner along. With PowerPoint and screen recording capabilities, you can technically make this yourself.

But, let’s be honest—is that a course you’d want to take yourself? Maybe not. But, you don't have to!

When you invest in custom e-learning courses built by Artisan, you:

  • Engage learners from the first slide to the final assessment.
  • Customize your content to meet your organization’s exact needs.
  • Are prepared when it’s time to update your course, with all source files provided to your organization.

It’s simple—when you purchase a custom e-learning course, you’re getting a course that’s more engaging, fully customized, and able to evolve as your needs do.

We can include elements such as:

This graphic illustrates video elements, which is one feature that can be incorporated in a custom-developed e-learning course.

Video Elements

Incorporate video into your content to vary the learners' experience, whether client-provided or custom-made by Artisan.

This graphic illustrates gamification elements, which is one feature that can be incorporated in a custom-developed e-learning course.

Learning Games

Create custom educational games or add simple gamification elements to engage learners in a fresh, fun way.

This graphic illustrates interactive elements, which is one feature that can be incorporated in a custom-developed e-learning course.

Interactive Elements

Add a spark to your course with interactivity, whether drag-and-drop, audio review, or labeling and sorting.

Custom E-Learning Development_Simulations Scenarios Supplementary

Simulations and Scenarios

Immerse your learners in your course and empower them to experience the lessons firsthand.

This graphic depicts in-course assessments, which can be included in a couse created by Artisan E-Learning.

In-Course Assessments

Test your learners' knowledge with interactive, in-course assessments. 

This graphic illustrates 508/WCAG compliance, which is a feature of Artisan E-Learning.

508/WCAG Accessibility

Build your course to be accessible for all learners, including those with visual, hearing, or physical impairments.

Are you interested in custom e-learning development?

Examples of Our Custom E-Learning Course Development

We understand that custom e-learning development is an investment for your organization. We know you’d feel more comfortable working with us if you could see our work in action.

Explore a quick sample of our work below. When you’re done, check out our portfolio for an in-depth look.

Custom E-Learning Development_Example 1

Society for Pediatric Sedation

We worked with the Society of Pediatric Sedation to create an engaging, thought-provoking Sedation Provider course. Learners explore five case-based scenarios and complex decision-making, receiving feedback along the way.

Custom E-Learning Development_Example 3

American Red Cross

We transformed a text-filled, bullet point-laden PowerPoint into an award-winning, self-paced course for the American Red Cross. With intuitive visuals and illustrative examples, filling out complicated reports has never looked so engaging.

Custom E-Learning Development_Example 2

Pryor Learning Solutions

Pryor Learning Solutions wanted several microlearning courses to supplement their existing e-learning library. We created a variety of just-in-time tools, including interactive infographics, learning games, branching scenarios, and more.

Custom E-Learning Development_Medical Example

Artisan Medical Demo

A medical device manufacturer needed to update its training, which failed to align with its learners’ knowledge. We created a series of award-winning, interactive sample approaches to persuade their key stakeholders toward a redesign.

Our Custom E-Learning Development Clients

At Artisan E-Learning, we're thankful to have worked with a variety of nonprofit, for-profit, and association clients. The following are a few of the clients that have trusted us with their custom e-learning development needs:

Custom E-Learning Development Frequently Asked Questions

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