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What is custom e-learning development?

E-learning is much more than simply putting informational slideshows online. It's an interactive forum through which your learners can explore the topic at hand and test their skills, knowledge, and mindsets.


At Artisan E-Learning, we believe that e-learning, when done well, leads to higher performing employees.


Working closely with your key stakeholders and subject matter experts, we create courses that meet your organization’s needs as well as your learners’ needs.  After completing a course created by Artisan E-Learning, learners are able to do something—delegate effectively, operate a piece of machinery, write a better sentence, administer the appropriate drug regimen to a patient, handle a customer service call in a proprietary system—the list goes on.

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Custom E-Learning Development Services

At Artisan E-Learning, we offer a variety of custom e-learning development services. We can:

  • Build a Custom E-Learning Course From Scratch: This includes converting content you already have or building a brand new offering. 
  • Create Microlearning Course Series: Learners are asking for bite-sized content (less than 10 minutes per module). We can design meaningful microlearning experiences for you. 
  • Create Long-Form Learning Courses: Multi-module courses are here to stay. If your content lends itself to a more comprehensive learning experience, we have you covered. 
  • Convert Existing Courses From Flash to HTML5: Browsers are phasing out Adobe Flash accessibility by the end of 2020. We’ll convert your course and do a thorough review to make sure everything still works fine. 
  • Translate and Localize: Whether translating into a new language or localizing a course for non-textual and linguistic issues, Artisan can adjust your existing courses as needed.

Starting from scratch or building your existing training into media-rich, interactive e-learning courses, we're able to scale our services to match your organization's e-learning development needs.

What are the benefits of investing in custom e-learning course development?

When e-learning first emerged, course design was fairly straightforward across the board. Most courses featured a handful of text-filled slides, potentially a few images, and a droning speaker guiding learners through the experience.

As an industry, e-learning has evolved—and at Artisan, we believe in making the most of e-learning’s new developments. Our custom e-learning development services allow your organization to amplify the learner experience with innovative microlearning or multi-module experiences that ensure learner engagement from beginning to end.

Our custom course development allows your organization to make the most of e-learning through:

  • Increased learner engagement from the first slide to the final assessment.
  • Full customization to meet your organization’s exact teaching needs.
  • Source files that are fully-owned by your organization, so you’re able to make updates independently.

With a custom-made course, your organization not only accesses educational material to provide to volunteers, members, or employees—the course is also more engaging, fully customized, and able to evolve as your needs do.

Our Custom E-Learning Development Process

When Artisan E-Learning begins a new custom course development project, we use a proven process to make sure we deliver a high-quality, learner-centric experience.

This graphic depicts the six step process we use at Artisan E-Learning.

Step 1:

We begin with an in-depth review of your existing content and collaborative conversations with key stakeholders.

Step 4:

Once the storyboards are approved, we develop an online draft where you can see your course come to life. Again, your stakeholders can review and request updates.

Step 2: 

We create a course prototype to give you a general idea of the course's design and technical functionality.

Step 5:

Our team of trained testers review the course to catch any last-minute grammar issues and conduct user-experience testing across different browsers to ensure a positive experience for all learners.

Step 3:

Once the prototype is approved, we write storyboards—a detailed screen-by-screen blueprint of the course. Your stakeholders are able to review and request changes.

Step 6:

We deliver the published course files on the platform of your choice. We also deliver all source files, so you can update the course independently going forward.

By following this process, we’re confident we’ve delivered your perfect solution. To explore our process in-depth, read more here.

Key Features

Thanks to innovations in e-learning, a course developed by Artisan can be significantly more involved than a simple slideshow with images and a voice-over. Let’s look at a few key features Artisan can incorporate into your course:

This graphic illustrates video elements, which is one feature that can be incorporated in a custom-developed e-learning course.

Video Elements

Whether client-provided or custom-made by Artisan, incorporate video into your content to vary the learner’s experience.

This graphic illustrates gamification elements, which is one feature that can be incorporated in a custom-developed e-learning course.

Gamification Elements

Create custom educational games specifically for you or add simple gamification elements to engage learners in a fresh, fun way.

This graphic illustrates interactive elements, which is one feature that can be incorporated in a custom-developed e-learning course.

Interactive Elements

Whether building out interactive scenarios or choose-your-own-adventure modules, these elements ensure content engagement and retention.

This graphic depicts in-course assessments, which can be included in a couse created by Artisan E-Learning.

In-Course Assessments

Test your learner’s knowledge with interactive, in-course assessments. 

This graphic illustrates 508/WCAG compliance, which is a feature of Artisan E-Learning.

508/WCAG Accessibility

Build your course to be accessible for all learners, including those with visual, hearing, or physical impairments.

Our Work

We understand that custom e-learning development is an investment for your organization and that you might feel more confident about this decision after seeing our work in action.

Take a look at this sample we created to show a medical client what interactive e-learning could look like. It's quite a departure from a narrated PowerPoint.

Now, check out our portfolio for a more in-depth look at our course-development capabilities.

Our Custom E-Learning Development Clients

At Artisan E-Learning, we're thankful to have worked with a variety of nonprofit, for-profit, and association clients. The following are a few of the clients that have trusted us with their custom e-learning development needs:

Let us craft your perfect solution.