Three Smart Steps for Success in 2018

Looking for a fresh start to the new year? Let us help! With these three steps, you can begin your year with a learning strategy that is sure to produce great results.

1. Look Back

Before you jump into the year ahead, take a moment to look back. Inventory your learning programs. What worked? What didn’t? Identify your biggest areas for improvement.

2. Look Forward

Where are your biggest business needs? Where can training help? Ensure your alignment with overall organizational goals and determine where training can best fill in the gaps.

3. Categorize

Categorize your learning inventory needs by:

  • What’s existing that you can archive?

  • What’s existing that you can keep?

  • What new training needs to be created?

Have you considered micro-learning? More than just a trend, it’s an effective way to teach granular topics in short amounts of time. Micro-learning can come in a variety of formats too, whether that’s a video, an interactive infographic, or even something like our gamified micro-course on email and internet security.

Want this course on your own LMS? Contact us for the SCORM files. It’s our gift to you!

Get the Security Course SCORM Files!

  • What’s existing but needs to be updated?

Don’t forget, Flash is indeed going away and will be replaced by HTML5. If you have any legacy Flash e-learning courses that fall into the KEEP or UPDATE category, they will need to be converted to HTML5 in the near future to ensure they continue to work properly on modern browsers.

Death of FlashTo learn more, see our Learning Solutions Magazine article on the Death of Flash.

If that wasn’t enough, new Section 508 law goes into effect today! If you are required to ensure your courses are accessible to those with disabilities, you may need to update your e-learning courses to follow the new accessibility guidelines.New 508 Regulations go into effect January 18, 2018.

For details, see this LinkedIn article on the Refreshed Section 508 Standards.

Once you know what you’re trying to accomplish in 2018, give us a call. We can help!

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On The Road Again…

A few Artisans will be on the road again and attending various learning events, including the upcoming ATD TK18 in San Jose.  Be sure to reach out if you’ll be at any of these events. We’d love to meet you!

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