Thes are some of the questions we get all the time.

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You probably have a lot of questions about what it means to work with a custom
e-learning development company. We don’t blame you! Here are a few common questions and their answers.

Nope. Making sense of your content is part of what we can do for you–it doesn’t have to be all wrapped up with a pretty bow. We can start with instructor-led materials that need to be repurposed, outdated materials that need to be updated, a random collection of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, or even just a statement of the business problem and the phone number of someone who cares. We’ll take it from there.

This is what we do for a living! We work very closely with your subject-matter experts as we walk through what’s important for your goals, your environment, and your learners. We’ve worked on content as diverse as electrical theory and concrete construction to international relief efforts and retail strategy. Plus, being the “outsider” sometimes gives us a great perspective on how to present the information to learners who may also be learning it for the first time.

Yes, 99% of the time. We build our clients’ courses using tools like Storyline, Lectora, and Captivate that publish to common Learning Management System standards such as SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, and AICC. As part of our prototype process, we’ll make sure to test the learning management system integration to ensure we can meet your platform’s needs.

Yes! While it does take extra effort to ensure your courses are compatible with multiple devices, we can ensure your learners have a great experience whether they’re on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. We’ll walk through what it takes to create a responsive course or one that’s simply scalable, and work with you to identify your audience’s needs.

We can do it all! Give us an opportunity to explore what it is you’re trying to achieve and we’ll propose solutions to bring it to life. If that means delivering training for micro-learning opportunities or longer courses to meet compliance needs, we’ll make sure we create the e-learning solution you want.

We’d love to talk to you more to help figure this out. Asking how much e-learning costs is a lot like asking how much a car is. It depends. There are a lot of variables that go into the design and development of your e-learning course, and we can work with you to find the right solution.

If it’s the first time you’ve worked with us, we recommend allowing three to four months to develop up to 60 minutes of finished e-learning content. From there, each additional hour of finished e-learning content adds about an additional month to the schedule.

Yes. When we create a course for you, it’s yours. You own it. It’s your copyright, and there are no ongoing fees from us. We’ll even give you all the source files so you can maintain the course yourself if you want. We don’t believe in holding your source files hostage or asking you to pay extra to get them. You paid for it. It’s yours. Every time.

Sometimes we can get started right away on your project, and sometimes there may be a little bit of a wait to get into our development queue. The only way to know is to give us a call! Contact us via our online form, or call 888-317-1140 to begin the conversation.