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Our clients are AMAZING! You fuel our passion for building great e-learning courses, and you helped us win this year’s Best of Elearning! awards by ELearning! magazine. Because of your votes, Artisan received an Award of Excellence for Micro-learning for Outsourced Learning Services. As a thank you, we’d like to give you and your team a free course! Elearning Best of 2017 Excellence Award

A Different Application of Similar Instructional Design Concepts

Last month, we shared our award-winning grammar course. This month, we have an alternative course with similar instructional design concepts but applied to different topics. This new course focuses on teaching important internet security principles:

  • Strong vs Weak Passwords
  • Safe Email Practices
  • Device Advice (safe or risky)

Like the grammar course, it provides a quick and easy format to teach important information, works well with mobile devices, and incorporates gamification in micro-learning. It’s a great combination to ensure your information is accessed, comprehended, and retained.

Want to test your security skills? Give it a try!

Security Skills screenshot

A Gift for You

Are you ready to share this course with your whole team and see how they do? We have an even better idea; as our way of giving back to you, we’re offering the published SCORM files for this Security Skills course for use on your own LMS!

We’ll need a few details from you to ensure the course works on your LMS, so if you’re interested in receiving these SCORM files, let us know and we’ll be sure to give you a call.

Are you ready for a micro-learning course of your own?
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Happy Holidays, and thank you again for all your kind words and votes!

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