How to Help Learners Work Around Safari 11’s Autoplay Feature

Safari 11 Blocks Autoplaying Video

Videos within Storyline courses will no longer autoplay in the latest version of Safari. With the release of MacOS, High Sierra and Safari 11, websites that contain a video with audio will be paused by default on the desktop version of the browser.

The Impact

It’s important to note that this applies to any video that contains an audio track—there does not need to be any actual sound for the default Safari setting to apply. It does not apply to Storyline screens that contain audio in the timeline.

The Fix

The good news is learners can fix the issue on their end by changing a setting in their Safari preferences, and it can be applied on a site-by-site basis—thanks to the new “Settings for This Website…” option in the Safari menu.

When you select Settings for This Website…, a menu opens just below the URL bar. At the bottom of this menu is the Auto-Play setting—it is set to “Stop Media with Sound” by default. Select the default setting to open a drop-down menu and select “Allow All Auto-Play.”

Once this setting has been adjusted, learners will need to refresh the page for the setting to be applied and the auto-playing videos will play again.

This may be the first volley in a fundamental shift in the user experience when it comes to video in e-learning. Expect more browsers to follow suit in the future.

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