Winning at the speed of now! Trophy from Demo Fest

Winning at the Speed of NOW

Think of a skill or concept you wish people would learn correctly. Imagine being able to teach the skill QUICKLY and in a way learners can RETAIN the information and  ENJOY learning it. You just found a winning formula, and our recent award at DevLearn’s 2017 DemoFest proves it.

We set out to teach a simple skill that could increase a person’s credibility in the workplace and incorporate three hot topics in e-learning: mobile device access, micro-learning, and gamification. It was important to put a laser focus on one specific skill. We chose a grammar skill we thought many could benefit from, specifically, pronoun agreement with “I” and “me.”

Here’s what led us to this solution:

  • Simply teaching the rule isn’t enough to change years of saying something the wrong way, so we chose a game format to drill it repeatedly.
  • Since the objective is to think of the right word as quickly as you speak, we chose a speed-based game with more points for faster answers.
  • And, to accommodate all levels and abilities, learners could choose to access different levels of information such as hints or a full lesson if needed.

Grammar Game Screenshot

Since the course targets mobile devices, we put a variety of iOS and Android devices in participants’ hands during DemoFest. Even those who were hesitant about their grammar skills soon lost their inhibitions and got sucked into the game. Then, they voted us best in our category!

Check out version 2.0 of this award-winning course. We love the fun factor of this game with its simple, whimsical feel. It lessens the seriousness of being tested on something.

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It’s not just a game, it’s a winning formula to teach a skill or set of principles. Imagine if instead of grammar, it was a course to teach basic internet security in an engaging and simple way while capitalizing on the power of repetition. In next month’s blog, we will show you exactly what that looks and feels like.

In the last year, we’ve created hundreds of micro-courses including software tutorials, sales training, and practical business tools where learning and application happen at the same time. If you’re looking for a partner who understands how to maximize the short amount of time modern learners have, contact us. We can help you win at the speed of NOW, too.

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